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You have a stronger sense of confidence when your property  has a clean image.

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People make a value judgement of how you run your business according to how well kept your property and vehicles are maintained.

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Reason three

Like it or not… you will make or lose money according to how your vehicles and buildings look to your customers.

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Bringing the CLEAN to you  is what we put our hands to do and we take great pride in doing that exceptionally well.

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Pressure Washing Service in McAllen and RGV

Choosing a quality Pressure Washing Service in McAllen and the RGV is truly a matter of integrity. For us at K&N pressure washing we have built our community with loyal customers who trust our work because we protect property as if it were our own. Pressure washing (also called power washing) is not about just pointing a high pressure nozzle at the grime. There is even a difference in technique  between truck washing and a mobile car wash. Different cleaning  compounds can be infused with the water necessary to clean different kinds of dirt from the vehicles. Also, the heat of the day will determine the quality of the shine on the truck or the car. Here in the RGV, it is not a problem with the heat because cleaning vehicles is much easier when it is a little hotter. The pressure behind the water nozzle is very important. Too much pressure can actually strip cars and trucks of the decals or the paint striping that has been applied aftermarket. We do a full inspection of the cars and trucks that we clean before we even start the pressure washing service. Then we are careful to take the appropriate amount of time to soak and wash and rinse the vehicles correctly.

When we work with exterior walls on buildings we are also careful to pay attention to the construction of the wall or the siding. We do not use any chemicals that would be harmful to any landscape near the base of the walls. The pressure is also reduced some to prevent stripping of paint.

In working with parking areas and parking garages, it is recommended to clean the parking area at least once a year. Most businesses that are observant of public Image will choose to have parking areas cleaned two times a year: once in the springtime after the winter storms and once in the fall after the spring and summer rains that carry in grime from the automobiles on the highway. There are two levels of cleaning for the parking areas. One is using the pressure wand with high-pressure spray which is considered a surface rinse. The deeper cleaning method is to use a walk behind rotating surface brush that cleans deeper.
So now you can see there is a lot more that goes into providing a quality pressure washing service then just pointing a pressure wand at the dirt. We look forward to working with you whether you need big rig truck cleaning or a mobile car wash or cleaning up your winter home exterior walls, or cleaning the three level parking garage after years of use, we are happy  to provide to you the quality power washing service that you need.

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